Shape Activities For Toddlers

Shape Activities for Toddlers/Tot School

Last week we explored shapes through a bunch of fun hands on learning activities. In addition to our shape themed tot school trays and all our fun shape themed books, we completed many other shape activities, which included numerous gross motor and art activities. To see our shape week tot school plans, check out our April Tot School Plans & Supplies Post.

Shape Activities for Toddlers/Tot School

Here is a peek into all our other shape themed fun last week.


Paper Towel Shape Art: You can read more about this activity HERE.

Picture7 Picture15

Shape Hopscotch with homemade shape dice: We have had the most gorgeous weather lately which has landed us outside just about every night for the past week and a half and we took shape learning outside with a little shape hopscotch gross motor play. Little Miss would toss her homemade shape dice and whatever shape it would land on she would run to that shape and jump up and down inside of it while chanting the shape name over and over. We have an amazon order in for some reusable differentiation cubes, because we have more dice activities lined up for the coming weeks and wrapping a box every time will definitely get old.


Shape Block Painting: We used blocks from our Melissa & Doug Shape sorter to create a beautiful shape masterpiece. It is always so fun to pull out non traditional painting tools and let Little Miss explore new painting methods. She loved stamping her shape blocks onto the paper.


Shape Resist Painting: I tried something new with this activity and I will not be going back to my old way. In order to create the shapes I used contact paper and let me tell you it is SO much better than painters tape. Not only is it easier to create the shapes (just draw on the back of the contact paper and then cut and tear off the paper) but it comes up so much easier off the paper and doesn’t tear like painters tape often did. And the lines look so much cleaner. I was so excited with how well Little Miss did with covering the entire paper with her paint.


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  1. thank you for sharing these activities. I have my nieces daughters 5 and 3, over tomorrow am and wanted to do an art activity with them. These shape activites are perfect. Thanks again,