Spring Flower Counting Mats

I strongly believe in following your child’s lead when it comes to play and learning. Recently I have noticed Little Miss has shown an increased interest in counting as she wants to count her “rocks” every night in her rocking chair and all throughout the day you can hear her counting the things she is playing with. This is something that I have not stressed simply because she is 2 and still has lots of time to learn such things; however since she has been counting pretty much everything she can get her hands on  I thought it would be fun to make some counting mats we can use this spring to practice counting.

Spring Counting Mats

These spring themed counting mats are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers working on number sense and counting.

Preparing the Counting Mats

These mats can be printed on vibrant colored paper or on plain white. I wanted something bright and festive for the springtime so I printed ours on bright colored printer paper. This set also comes with pages of bees to use as manipulatives which I printed on yellow paper. 

Because I wanted to be able to reuse these mats and bees, I laminated mine. Printing on cardstock would also work if you don't have a laminator. 

While I included a page of bees to use as counters, you can use anything from rocks to pom poms to mini bee erasers with these mats. Have fun with it. 

Counting Mats

Using the Counting Mats

Miss 2 is able to count to 10 all by herself, but I didn't want to overwhelm her with all the mats so we did one at a time and I let her pick which one to do. She now calls this our bees activity because of our bee counters.

Counting Mats
If you have older toddlers or preschoolers who can handle more mats at once you can also lay them all out, either in order or out of order, and have them use the bees or another manipulative to count out the correct amount on each flower mat. 

Grab Your Free Printable

Grab your set of spring themed counting mats below.

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