Montessori Inspired Ocean Animal Picture Cards

Montessori Ocean Animal Picture Matching Activity

A while back I posted about using Shutterfly prints to create some animal cards for Little Miss to use and become familiar with each of the animals. We recently pulled out our farm animals and farm animal cards and did a little Montessori Inspired picture matching. With our new Ocean theme came another opportunity for some more picture matching.

This time Little Miss blew my socks off with all she has learned since the last time we used these. Her ocean cards and animals have been on her tot school shelf and she goes and gets them at least once a day and when she is done she puts them back on the shelf. I love seeing her using the shelf.

Montessori Inspired Ocean Animal Picture Matching Activity

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In order to have more room to work, we don’t use a tray for this activity, but rather set all her cards on her little table with a basket of ocean animal figurines next to the cards. She didn’t even need guidance this time around and got right to work laying out all her cards and matching all the ocean animals to the cards. As she buzzed through these over and over she was saying each of the different animal names and a couple times I even noticed her describing the attributes of each of the animals.

Montessori Ocean Animal Picture Matching Activity

Many of our ocean animal toys did not look like the ones in our pictures which opened up a great discussion of how animals come in all shapes and sizes, just like humans do.

As she gets older we will continue to use these cards and add in the 3 part work which I will create using Shutterfly as well.

Montessori Ocean Animal Picture Matching Activity

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