Musical Easter Eggs Gross Motor

Musical Easter Eggs: Gross MOtor Play

Do you have little movers and groovers in your house? Need a fun gross motor activity for Easter that will get your kids up and moving and having fun? This musical Easter Eggs gross motor activity is a simple and fun activity for even the littlest of toddlers.

It is so easy to throw together and can be played over and over.

Musical Easter Eggs is an Easter Themed activity inspired by the ever famous musical chairs with an added gross motor twist.

To play you will need:

-Easter egg cutouts: I used scrapbook paper pieces I had for some pattern fun, but you can use construction paper or any type of paper you have one hand as well.

-Some kind of music you can turn on and off

-Pen to write on the eggs


Start by cutting out your egg shapes. They do not have to be very big and you can have as many as you would like.

Once you have the egg shape, start writing different gross motor activities for your kids to do on the back of the eggs. I included things like “Clap 3 times.” and “Do 8 arm circles”  to work on different numbers while we played.

Musical Easter Eggs

Once you have the gross motor activities written on the back, lay them down on the floor activity side down. You can arrange them in a circle or all around the floor. It is up to you how you want to structure it.

Turn on some music and have your little ones start to walk around the eggs. They can dance around to the music and when it stops they pick and egg and do what it says on the back of the egg. If you have them in a circle have the kids dance around the outside of the circle and when the music stops, they can pick up the one they are standing beside, but if you have them all over they can pick the closest one or whichever one they want. If your little ones cannot read yet they can bring the egg to you to read.

Musical Easter Eggs

Little Man LOVED running back and forth across the eggs. He thought it was hysterical and when that music stopped he was quick to pick up an egg and bring it to me. Double the fun with a little one.


Continue starting and stopping the music until all the eggs are gone.

So much fun and so much active play in one simple activity. Both Little Miss 3 and Little Man 14 months had a blast moving and grooving.

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