Free Feed the Bunny Color & Shape Carrots Easter Printable

Happy Spring!!! Easter is just around the corner and the bunny will be hopping down the trail before we know it. My kids absolutely LOVE Feed the Animal type activities, complete with sounds effects and everything. This free Feed the Bunny activity is perfect for spring and Easter time and pairs perfectly with the Feed the Bunny activities in our Easter Preschool Unit. If you have little ones needing practice identifying colors and shapes, grab this free printable activity at the bottom of this post and have fun playing and learning together. 

Feed the Bunny Color & Shapes Freebie Easter Freebie


Feed the Bunny Color & Shape Carrots

This activity is great for young learners who still need practice identifying shapes and colors. Set it up for your toddlers or add it to the rotation of your preschool activities and centers for a fun engaging activity. 

Supplies You Will Need

  • Feed the Bunny Printable (found at the end of this post)
  • Brown paper bag or box
  • Scissors
  • Bin 
  • Black beans or dirt (or another sensory bin filler to represent dirt)

Feed the Bunny Color & SHape Carrots Freebie

How to Set Up The Activity

Gather your supplies and print out the bunny head and carrot printables. Cut out the bunny head and carrots and then cut a hole in the mouth of the bunny, big enough for the carrots to fit through the opening. 
Next, you will want to attach the bunny head to either an open back box or a brown paper bag and cut the same size hole in it for the carrots to fit through. I like using brown paper bags or old ramen noodle boxes for these types of activities. 
Place the carrots in a container full of black beans or dirt so that they look like they are sticking out of dirt. 
Feed the Bunny Color & Shape Carrots Free Printables

How to Play

Once you have all the materials set up, you are ready to play. The child will pick a carrot from the dirt, identify either the shape or the color on the carrot and if they get it correct they can feed it to the bunny. If they don't get it correct, have them sit it off to the side so you can practice it together later.

If your kids are anything like mine, they will want to make "munching" noises as the bunny eats the carrot. Have fun with this and they will too. 
They will continue to pick a carrot, identify the shape or color, and feed it to the bunny until all of the carrots are picked. Repeat as often as you would like and practice any they got incorrect. 
Feed the Bunny Color & Shape Carrots Free Printable Activity

Grab Your Printable

Grab your copy of the Feed the Bunny Color & Shape Carrots by entering your email below and then have fun playing and learning with your toddlers and preschoolers. 

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