St. Patrick's Day Activity Mat

If you have been around any of my channels for a while, you know that I absolutely LOVE activity mats. I love creating them and my kids love doing them. We have done a variety of different mats over the years with some of our most favorites being our Donut Themed mat and our Dinosaur mat and you can see more on on our Instagram page using the hashtag #letsplayandlearnmats that I have had an opportunity to blog about yet. Today I am sharing all about our St. Patrick's Mat we completed as part of our St. Patrick's Day themed learning. 

St. Patrick's Day Activity Mats

I typically combine activities for both my 5 and 6 year old onto one mat, but this time I decided to create two separate mats for them. They had so much fun completing similar activities on their own levels. 

When creating the activity mats, I think about skills that the kids are learning or need practice on and come up with creative ways to practice those activities that fit the theme and then just start filling in the mat, which is just a large paper roll piece cut and taped to the floor or table. I start with a themed book and start adding in activities. I typically always include a mix of literacy and math activities with some fun creative activities added in as well.

My 6 year old's mat activities practiced/created:

St. Patrick's Day Activity Mats

  • torn paper rainbow
  • drew a rainbow
  • used real coins to count out the correct amount of money
  • used a ruler to draw different lines in inches
  • put words in alphabetical order
  • sorted -ed words based on the sound -ed makes at the end of the word
  • practice her 2 digit addition
  • skip counting by 25s (to better understand using quarters when counting money)

Standard measuring practiceSounds of -ed sort

My 5 year old's mat activities practice/created

St. Patrick's Day Activity Mats

  • torn paper rainbow
  • drew a rainbow
  • subitized numbers by counting/identifying the number of dots on the shamrocks and matching them to the corresponding number
  • read and stamped CVC word families
  • placed numbers 10-20 in number order
  • practiced more or less with numbers
  • practiced simple addition within 10
  • Practiced identifying letters and sounds he still needs practice with

Subitizing SHamrocksRainbow Addition

The kids had fun doing their activities and are already asking what the next one will be. I would love to see your activity mats so be  sure to tag me on IG if you give them a shot!!!

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