Ocean Themed Free Printables

The ocean is calling!!! While I am not a fan of open bodies of water of any kind, I do love a good ocean theme. My kids are fascinated with ocean animals so we always make sure we learn about them sometime in the late spring/summer. If you are planning an Ocean unit this spring or are looking for activities to do with your kids this summer, check out these free printable ocean activities that coordinate well with my Ocean Busy Book set and Ocean Preschool Unit.

Ocean Themed Free Printable Activities

These activities are perfect for preschool and kindergarten and work on number identification, number formation, patterns, sight words, emergent reading, left to right progression, and tracking print. 

Children will practice reading the sight word "a", tracking print from left to right, and identifying words based on pictures with this Ocean animals emergent reader. They can color the picture when they are finished. 

Ocean Animals Emergent Reader Free

I love practicing skills in fun hands on ways. Using playdough in activities is always a hit. For this activity, children will be practicing identifying, creating, and extending patterns. They will pick a shark tooth pattern card, identify the pattern, color the pattern on the mat, and then use playdough to create and extend the pattern. 

Shark Teeth Patterns Ocean Themed Pattern Activity

Children will practice identifying numbers 0-10 and writing them with this Seashell Find & Trace Activity. You can use the included seashell number cards or you can make it even more engaging by writing numbers on seashells and hiding them in sand. Children will pick a seashell number, identify the number, and then find and trace it on the number mat. 

Ocean Number Tracing Activity Free

These three activities are available in the Ocean Preschool Freebies file in my Free Resource library.  If you are an email subscriber, the password to the library will be in your inbox. Simply add the password when the box pops up and gain access to these free activities and more. Need the password? No problem. Simply subscribe to my email list below and the password will be sent right to your inbox. New freebies added each month.

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