Adding to 5: Farm Themed Beginning Addition Practice

We are moving into the stage where Little Miss is realizing that you can do more with numbers than just count them. We have started talking about how we can combine numbers and objects to get a larger amount of objects, so we are going to begin incorporating more fun hands on playful ways to explore adding and we will be completing this fun chicken egg sums to five activity as part of our Farm theme.

Sums to Five: Chicken Eggs

This activity is perfect for a farm theme or spring theme and is great for preschool and kindergarten. 

This activity comes with two different set of cards for you to choose from. To set up, simply print the set of cards you wish to use and laminate. Print out the eggs and laminate. Cut the eggs out.

Adding to 5: Farm Themed Beginning Addition practice

You are working to make sums of 5. For each card you will count the eggs already in the nest. You will write this number on the first line.

Adding to 5: Farm Themed Beginning Addition practice

You will then add the correct number of eggs to the nest to reach 5. Count these eggs and write the number on the line.

These two numbers will equal 5.

Extend the Activity

1. Use the eggs to make different sized piles of eggs and discuss more and less, greater than/less than. 

2. Lay out the eggs in the blank nest and work on one to one correspondence by adding manipulatives/or chickens to each egg. 

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