Sheep Wool Counting Freebie

Sheep Counting Wool Fine Motor Activity FReebie

I love finding ways to work fine motor skill into our other thematic activities. For our farm unit we will be talking about the different animals we find on the farm and on our sheep day we will be working on counting and number recognition so I whipped up this fine motor number counting sheep mat and I am sharing it for free below.

Free Farm Theme Counting Activity Counting Sheep Wool Fine MOtor Activity


This activity is super easy to put together and takes only three pieces of paper. Simply print out the sheep mats (one for 1 piece of wool and the other for 2-10 pieces of wool) and laminate them. I stick mine back to back so I only have one mat to keep track of and send it through the laminator.

Counting Wool Mats

 Print and laminate the number pieces. 

Counting Wool Numbers

The only other things you will need for this activity are some wool (cotton balls or pom poms) and a pair of tweezers/tongs. 

Counting Wool Free Activity

To use, the child will pick a number piece and place it on the mat in the little box at the top. They will identify the number and then use their tweezers to add the correct number of pieces of wool to the sheep's body. 

Free Farm Theme Counting Activity Counting Sheep Wool Fine MOtor Activity


1. Children can place the number cards in order from 1 to 10.

2. Children and use the number cards and line up the correct number of pieces of wool underneath them. 


Ready to get some fine motor and counting practice in? Grab your free copy of this activity by clicking on the button below. 


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